Zhen Liu

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Computer Science
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology


Email : liuzhen1994 [at] gatech [dot] edu


I am currently a master student in computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology. Previously, I received B.S. degrees with highest honor from Georgia Tech where I studied both Computer Science (Theory-Intelligence threads) and Electrical Engineering with a minor in economics.


In past summers, I interned at and .


My research interests broadly lie in machine learning, computer vision and robotics. I am fortunate to have been working closely with many excellent researchers (see collaborators).

Selected Publications

Learning towards Minimum Hyperspherical Energy
Weiyang Liu*, Rongmei Lin*, Zhen Liu*, Lixin Liu*, Zhiding Yu, Bo Dai, Le Song.
(* indicates equal contribution)

NeurIPS 2018    [arxiv]  [code]

Coupled Variational Bayes via Optimization Embedding
Bo Dai, Hanjun Dai, Niao He, Weiyang Liu, Zhen Liu, Jianshu Chen, Lin Xiao, Le Song.

NeurIPS 2018    [pdf]

Decoupled Network
Weiyang Liu*, Zhen Liu*, Zhiding Yu, Bo Dai, Rongmei Lin, Yisen Wang, James Rehg, Le Song.
(* indicates equal contribution)

CVPR 2018 (spotlight)    [pdf]  [code]  [slide]

SBEED: Convergent Reinforcement Learning with Nonlinear Function Approximation
Bo Dai, Albert Shaw, Lihong Li, Lin Xiao, Niao He, Zhen Liu, Jianshu Chen, Le Song.

ICML 2018    [arxiv]

Deep Forward and Inverse Perceptual Models for Tracking and Prediction
Alexander Lambert, Amirreza Shaban, Amit Raj, Zhen Liu, Byron Boots.

ICRA 2018    [arXiv]

One Shot Learning for Semantic Segmentation
Amirreza Shaban, Shray Bansal, Zhen Liu, Irfan Essa, Byron Boots.

BMVC 2017    [arXiv]  [code]

Motion Planning with Graph-Based Trajectories and Gaussian Process Inference
Eric Huang, Mustafa Mukadam, Zhen Liu, Byron Boots.

ICRA 2017    [pdf]  [demo]

Academic Service

Conference Reviewer: AAAI 2019


Prof. Le Song, Georgia Tech

Prof. Byron Boots, Georgia Tech

Weiyang Liu, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech

Dr. Zhiding Yu, Research Scientist, NVIDIA Research

Dr. Bo Dai, Research Scientist, Google Brain

Amerriza Shaban, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech

Hanjun Dai, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech

Zhiyuan Lin, Ph.D. candidate, Stanford

Eric Huang, Ph.D. candidate, CMU

Mustafa Mukadam, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech

Alexender Lambert, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech

Shray Bansal, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech

Dr. Siddarth Choudhary, Magic Leap